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When you arrive at a huge events like MWC or SXSW it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Every year the same questions: What are the latest innovations? Which companies should be first on my visit list? What Micro-Events are must attend for my business? How do I maximise my time effectively?!

To ensure your visit is as successful as possible we offer full service Business Tours
By letting us manage your visit through our Business Tours means achieving 100% of your Event Goals. Have a conversation with us so we know all your interests, needs and priorities and we’ll take care of the rest. We can connect you with target companies even before the Event starts, give you access to our extensive partner network and even provide tours to companies who are ‘invite only’
Whether it’s a select few board members or a bus group of business executives we can make attending mega events like SXSW not just a return on investment: Our goal is to ensure your business tour is both relaxed and fruitful.
Going solo, even with the best planning, is all too often a Event visit with limited success.
That’s why we preselect companies targeted by you and connect you with partners in our network. It’s not just about laying the groundwork before the Event but seeing a return on investment before the Event even begins! By opening up dialogue with the companies and partners you are targetting you will connect and do business with ‘friends’ at the Event instead of complete strangers. It’s why we make sure you have that ‘invite only’ access to that company you want to dialogue with.