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The BIG–small Pitch is a series of unique pitch competitions and matchmaking events designed to generate networking opportunities between Dutch startups, investors and corporate partners that are successful in the creative, mobile and tech industries. Our focus is on aligning passion, culture and vision across all parties, ensuring smooth interactions and mutual exchanges that serve to elevate all parties involved.

Our goal is to support Dutch startups by:
Connecting them to a local start-up ecosystem

We connect Dutch startups to a local start-up ecosystem. We organise tours and presentations with accelerators and local start-up communities so together we better understand the local ecosystem and the challenges they have. Connecting these start-ups in a local environment means they have access to business and intelligence resources that organically fit both location and culture wise. Our focus is always on making sure cultures, vision and goals for all parties align so everyone profits.
Investor Matchmaking
We make ‘introductions of value’ for each start-up that joins the BIG-small pitch. We accomplish this by having a deep understanding of what each of the startups are hoping to accomplish while they are visiting the event. This includes understanding the types of people that they are hoping to meet, what percentage investment they are searching for, what phase their product is, etc. The goal is to align our start-ups with an investor(s) that is organically aligned for both parties.
Pitching opportunities
We regularly organise a start-up competition (in all our Events and Conferences) where Dutch startups pitch in a ‘Dragon’s Den’/’Shark Tank’ style setting to Dutch and International VC’s. The format is 3 minutes pitches per start-up with a 3 minutes Q & A closing. All entrants gain unique networking and business opportunities.