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Dutch Networking Platform

To realize our goal to create connections both for and between Dutch companies globally we created the Dutch Networking Platform (DNP). The DNP is a platform which envisions our collective passion to work with and for Dutch organizations (public and private), CxO’s, (IT) leaders, start-ups and many more abroad.


Simple: We love what we do. We’re passionate about creating and maintaining fundamental and intrinsic connections in the Enterprise and IT sectors. Our connections empower us to empower our clients and partners in every Sector from Mobile to Security. From Start-ups to VC’s the DNP creates a level playing field for all of them, the Event empowering organic connections to be made and real business to flourish without all the traditional barriers that get in the way.
The Dutch Networking Platform (DNP) is an event we regularly run during the bigger conferences like Slush, Web-Summit and Smart City Expo. The DNP is a custom built environment for our clients and partners to break down barriers to their ideal businesses and Investors during these big conferences

We first help by identifying and enrolling contacts and partners in our own extensive international network to bring on-board for our Dutch clients.We then arrange introductions and provide both the venue and vehicle for those introductions to occur in.

Like the DMC the DNP is built to purpose and often features live music, a chill environment and a place for our clients, partners and target businesses to do some real business. Our clients let us know the type and level of businesses they want to meet at a designated Event and the DNP  makes it happen!